5th & Elm: Revisited

By Liz Gundlach

Brittney 5th and Elm

Brittany Cummings working at the new 5th & Elm

“Lunch Tomorrow.” A new program created by 5th & Elm coffee shop owner, Frank Fiala, has introduced to the Finlandia location.

With “Lunch Tomorrow,” you will be able to go to the 5th & Elm location at Finlandia, formerly known as the Nikander Nook, between 8:30 and 3 during the week, to order your meal for the next day.

You can fill out a form saying what you want for lunch the following day, and they will make sure your order is made and ready to be picked up the next day.

He’s hoping “Lunch Tomorrow,” will help eliminate the amount of daily waste produced from having to guess what the student’s will want to eat that day.

Fiala said that right now it’s a guessing game trying to figure out which pre-made sandwiches to bring over each day, and is currently bringing over popular sandwiches from the Houghton branch.

Although they don’t have a working espresso machine at the time, you can still get your coffee fix to go with your “Lunch Tomorrow.” Fiala said, “we are trying to get [the espresso machine] working within the next week.”

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