Clubs Around Campus

By Amy Simondsen

   “What is there to do around here?”


We’ve all heard this phrase before. As part of a small university and community sometimes we need to “make our own fun” as my mom would say. Luckily, our community provides us with that option.
Clubs and organizations provide everyone with a way to get out of the lame routine of college students everywhere. We all have routines that we need to break now and then and a club or organization does that for you! It doesn’t need to be a huge “Save the Dolphins” club. It could be as simple as getting your friends together and planning a monthly movie night for Finlandia Students; you may be watching that movie anyway.

Our assortment of clubs and organizations means there is a club out there for everybody. If you’re a self-proclaimed “nerd,” D’orcs of the North is the place for you. The Black Student Union (BSU) welcomes everyone whose goal is to get the students of Finlandia together to experience cultural differences in a positive and fundamental way.  We have clubs for the artist at heart including Finlandia Fiber Society and The Bureau of Visible Thought. A complete list, including contact information, can be found at

Don’t let it stop you if you haven’t found your niche yet. Starting a club on your own is a piece of cake (a baking club sound good!). Find at least three friends that would like to join your club, find a staff or faculty member that is willing to be your club advisor, and fill out and submit the club proposal documents (found on the Finlandia Website). Student Senate meets every Thursday at noon in the main floor conference room of Finlandia Hall; propose your club at any of them! After we accept your club proposal all that’s left is to schedule a meeting time and plan your club’s two community involvement activities for the school year (one per semester). The community involvement activities are paid for in part or in full by the Student Senate. It is their hope to build community and participation on Finlandia’s campus.


Editor’s Note: For students interested in learning more about clubs and organizations across campus, an activity fair will take place from 12-2 pm on October 3rd on the lawn between Nikander and Wargelin.



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3 Responses to Clubs Around Campus

  1. Andrew Reply

    October 11, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Being a small town in the Upper Peninsula, it could get boring at times, but a group of my friends and other people made a student union last fall. It is called the Hispanic Student Union (HSU)the more people that join, the better it’ll be.

  2. Angelica Reply

    October 13, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    I wasn’t aware of so many clubs and organizations there are for Finlandia students. This is a great thing for our community to get everyone involved.

  3. Paige Reply

    October 14, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    I wasn’t aware of how many clubs and organizations there are here at Finlandia, or how easy it could be to create your own. This is great for everyone that’s interested in something different and unique. Each and everyone has a different personality at this university, but an open mind could make for a great year in one the clubs or organizations.

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