Coming Soon to FU: 5th & Elm Coffee Shop

By Andrea Starr

Photo courtesy of 5th & Elm Coffee House

Photo courtesy of 5th & Elm Coffee House

Many students were disappointed when they returned in August to find that the Nikander Nook coffee shop was not open. Well, we’re getting a new coffee shop. 5th & Elm, a local coffee shop located in downtown Houghton and Calumet, will be opening up a new location here on campus.

Frank Fiala, owner of 5th & Elm Coffee House, plans to open up in the Nikander Nook within six weeks. Right now, the only things standing in the way of our students and caffeine-quenching coffees are the normal health-inspections, and some wiring and plumbing installations to accommodate new equipment.

Finlandia’s 5th & Elm Coffee House will include a limited menu that will feature mainly a grab-and-go selection: bagels with cream cheese, breakfast burritos (vegetarian and meat), and a variety of soups and sandwiches. As for coffees there will be a full menu offered for drinks, including but not limited to espressos, frappuccinos, smoothies, and much more.

Photo courtesy of 5th & Elm Coffee House

Photo courtesy of 5th & Elm Coffee House

Fiala said, “It’ a great little location.” And he hopes to “provide quality service” for the students at Finlandia. Fiala said he believes the pricing will be very economical for students. There may even be some employment opportunities for students to work a few shifts here or there once things are up and running, he said.

Jacklyn Torrisi, Finlandia student, was excited when informed of 5th & Elm opening up on campus. “I’d definitely buy coffee if there was a shop on campus. It beats making my own or drinking the cafeteria coffee,” she said.

Finlandia’s 5th & Elm Coffee House will mainly be run by Finlandia University alumna, Brittany Cummings. Fiala is looking to be open Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm, but the times may very once a routine is figured out. Check the Roar’s Facebook and Twitter for more information when it opens!

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