Fredi de Yampert, a Faculty Profile

By Liz Gundlach

This may be Fredi de Yampert’s 18th year working on Finlandia’s campus, however this year she has taken on the position of Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs along with her position of Nursing Department Chair. Her previous position of the Dean of College and Health Sciences has been passed to Cameron Williams.

Dr. de Yampert will hold this position for one year, while the university searches for someone to fill the permanent position vacated at the start of the school year by TyAnn Lindell.

“The interim position has been put in place for this academic year to provide strong leadership that can sustain current programming and maintain traction on some newer directions and commitments in academic affairs,” said Finlandia University President, Philip Johnson. “Dr. de Yampert’s primary responsibility is to ensure that our students are receiving the very best education possible while at Finlandia. This means that she is ultimately responsible for hiring faculty best suited to teach and mentor our students, faculty that are interested in our students in their entirety.”

Dr. de Yampert’s been a nurse since 1979, with a specialty in Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) and Pediatrics. When she moved to the Upper Peninsula, what is now called Portage Health did not have a NICU. So, instead she was hired as an assistant professor here at Finlandia.

President Johnson said, “[she] has demonstrated strong leadership as dean in our college of health sciences and the nursing program for many years.” He continued on to say that, “her vision for campus growth and student success has always been apparent.”

With Dr. de Yampert taking over the position of Interim VP for Academic Affairs, Julie Jennerjohn, who was promoted to Vice President for Enrollment Management, will now be overseeing everything that involves student retention and bringing new students to campus. She will be directly overseeing Admissions, Financial Aid, the leaders of student affairs, and indirectly overseeing the Academic Success Coordinator, the Director of TRiO/SSS, and residence life.

Dr. de Yampert says because her position is only for the academic part she should be accessible and available for meetings. Although she does have an open door policy it is a good idea to still email her to set up a meeting time.

Dr. de Yampert says, “there is a great group of students here, if you don’t know where to go you can always come to me.”

You can contact Dr. de Yampert at

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