Performances and Pizza

By Hailey Macias, Kelli Stevens, and Rachel LaMotteROAR - Mock Rock - Picture from 2012

Mock Rock: an event where you don’t have to actually be good at singing or dancing, you just have to act like it. The term “Mock Rock” is a widely used term for this type of event where people get the chance to ham it up and perform like their favorite artists.

The event will start at 7:30, Thursday March 21st. Each year it changes locations and 2013’s Mock Rock takes place at The Orpheum Theatre in the back of Studio Pizza. Because of this year’s location, Studio will be doing a by-the-slice pizza option that night instead of having to buy a whole pie. There’s no entry fee to perform, but cash prizes will be awarded: $250 for first; $150 for second; and $75 for third.

At least six groups will be hitting the stage this year and bringing their all. Even if performing in front of an audience seems daunting, previous participants can vouch that it’s not all that bad.

“You don’t really think about the people watching,” said 2012’s Mock Rock winner Hailey Macias, “Once you’re on stage, everything else sort of disappears behind the stage lights and you can really get into it.”

It’s up to the performers to make the excitement happen; you can’t just go up there and do whatever you want.

Participants can forget that it is faculty doing the judging, and although audience excitement is part of the criteria of judging, being appropriate is an important factor that some groups let slip. Other criteria are lip syncing, choreography, and overall performance. Song choices are first-come-first-serve and the groups are drawn at random.

Whether it’s a medley of songs, an array of amusing costumes, utilizing one’s dance skills or acting out a skit, Mock Rock is—according to Student Senate—one of Finlandia’s shining events and is bound to keep all entertained.

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  1. Sean Reply

    February 2, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    good article. Hopefully finlandia can have another one this year

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