Snow Days – A Person-On-The-Street Question

By Hailey Macias

Question: How have the snow days affected your classes?

ROAR - Phyllis Fredendall“It has been difficult for students in studio. I’ve got a few students that are staying later in the day now,” said Phyllis Fredendall, professor of the fiber department. “It’s been challenging—a lot of compressing and editing. I don’t want any more.”



ROAR -  Robert Grame

“While it’s impacted my classes, I’ve tried to keep the subject matter adaptable in order to meet the course objectives,” said Robert Grame, professor of the graphic design program.




ROAR - Judith Budd“Mostly by compressing lectures—putting them online, and reconstructed the schedule to compensate for the days missed,” said Judith Budd, professor of science. “Towards the end of the semester you’re already racing, except now it’s more like a sprint than a marathon and I’ve become a sprinter! You have to be flexible to adapt.”


ROAR - Sherry Blust

“It’s been hard because we have quizzes one week and the test the next, but due to the snow days we’ll have to have quizzes and a test in the same week which really isn’t ideal for the students,” said Sherry Blust, mathematics professor.



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