Syrian Conflict. Finlandia Speaks

By Neal Simons

Question: What are your feelings about the possibility of US intervention in the Syrian conflict?


Hilary Virtanen, Finnish Studies Professor: “I feel conflicted. Obviously we’re involved in a lot of different conflicts in the Middle East, and they don’t seem to be going so well. At the same time too, for humanitarian causes, I think it would be important to protect the lives of innocent people.”




Bill Knoblauch, History Professor: “Do I think chemical weapons should ever be used? No. Do I think nuclear weapons are still a gigantic threat? Absolutely. But really, ask yourself in the bigger picture who does it help? Is it going to help us? Is it going to solve the war, to end the war? Probably not.”






Maxwell Malone, Junior, English: “It’s just a bad situation. I think America shouldn’t get involved, or at least do it in a legal [through the U.N.] way.”




Chad Stafford, Sophomore, Nursing: “I’m all for it. Do whatever we can do to help them. We should be vigilant, try to protect other people and make sure that threat doesn’t come to the US.”



Jonathan Blake, Junior, Undecided: “While I think action should be taken, who knows whether it’s America’s responsibility to take action. We should leave it up to international cooperation, make an international decision with the rest of the world rather than acting on our own accordance.”

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