Tobacco-Free Campus, Finlandia Speaks

By Breanna Hynes

Question: How do you feel about the new Tobacco-Free campus?

Nicole Parker, Senior, Medical Assistant: “I don’t like the cigarette buds in the parking lot. I think it was a good idea, although they should have a designated area for the smokers because they are still smoking around campus. I feel that they should really start enforcing this rule.”



Elizaveta Monakhova, Senior, Business Administration: “I feel that they don’t enforce the rule enough because smokers are still at building entrances and all over campus.”




Sierra Rusinek, Sophomore, Criminal Justice: “I think it was a good idea, although people keep finding a way around it. I feel they should find a way to better enforce this new rule.”




Nic Hendrickson, Senior, Sociology: “I think they should enforce this rule more, so students don’t have to walk through a cloud of smoke to get to class.”




Alex Chutskoff, Junior, Pre Professional Science: “As a full time student athlete I was constantly annoyed with being exposed to second hand smoke when walking to class. In my opinion, college is a place for learning not socializing and polluting other students as well as yourself.”



Melinda Rajala, Sophomore, Health Care Management: “I think the tobacco free campus is a wonderful idea, although it needs to be enforced a lot better because people are still smoking. Cigarette smokes makes me sick to my stomach and gives me really bad headaches.”



Steve Nordstrom, MA Sports Administration: “I think that the idea of a tobacco free campus was good, but I believe the means to enforce it is not there. It is people’s right to do as they please and we cannot stop them from smoking. By creating this rule it may stop some people but not all and it would be very hard and pointless to enforce this more.”

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2 Responses to Tobacco-Free Campus, Finlandia Speaks

  1. Karen Johnson Reply

    September 27, 2013 at 10:53 am

    Do any smokers want to weigh in on this??

  2. Smokey Joe Reply

    October 6, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    I smoke cigarettes habitually and I feel it is the worst habit I’ve ever picked up in my entire life! I also have a strong sense of pride and purpose on campus and I don’t want one of my vices to contribute to a dirty campus. When I get finished smoking on campus, yes I smoke on campus, I field strip my cig and I throw my butt away like a responsible person. I’m not one of those people that blows their smoke out in the hallway on my way back inside. It is disrespectful to rub your bad habits into other people face’s but on the other hand if a smoker is keeping a respectable distance from other people I don’t feel like he or she should be reprimanded for their actions just because they are doing something that is frowned upon.

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