Finlandia Speaks: Do You Think Finlandia is Really a Dry Campus?

By Andrea Starr

Question: Do you think Finlandia is really a dry* campus?

*dry: prohibition of alcohol and/or drugs

KallieKallie Gentile, Junior, Dual-Enrolled MTU Electrical Engineering: “It’s really not, because you see people smoking and drinking all the time on campus. Everyone does it, but I guess people are just so good at it nowadays that those students don’t get caught.”




AbbyAbby Gallaher, Sophomore, Criminal Justice: “Definitely not. You can smell weed all the time in the dorms, and there’s always alcohol bottles outside and in people’s rooms.”





LilyLiliana Lazo, Sophomore, Criminal Justice: “No, I don’t believe that Finlandia is a dry campus AT ALL. I feel like [university officials] can’t even expect that of students, because there is no way a college campus is going to be a dry campus, especially when it’s this small where there isn’t really anything to do.”




Josh and JakeJosh Huneault, Freshman, Accounting & Jake Miller, PTA, Junior: 

“No, because you walk outside and there are bottle caps everywhere.” – Josh

“That’s true. I’m going to say no because lots of alcohol containers are scattered throughout the premises. There’s an empty forty out by my car. Not my forty.” – Jake

“And we will see as soon as the snow melts in the back of the [dorms] how many bottle people have tossed out their windows.” – Josh

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One Response to Finlandia Speaks: Do You Think Finlandia is Really a Dry Campus?

  1. Hailey Reply

    April 21, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    Pretty accurate description of the dorms as far as I could remember. Not that “there isn’t anything to do” because if anyone read any community posters, or got a job, or actually concentrated on excelling as opposed to passing, one would find there to be too many things to do–even within walking distance, there are shows at the Orpheum all the time. Being under the influence is just a social norm for all colleges and Finlandia’s no exception.

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