Finlandia Speaks: Dorm Life Changes

By Roar Staff

Question: What one thing could be changed to make living in the dorms better?

Shelby WinterShelby Winter, Sophomore, Animation and Illustration: “Develop more of a sense of community on togetherness and knowing people more than just a first name basis.”




AndreaAndrea Starr, Freshman, Communication: “I just feel that if there was an actual punishment for students who break these rules, it would do a lot to fix the many problems of living in the dorms…such as respect.”



RussiaElizaveta Monakhova, Senior, Business Administration: “The food, it is always the same. Some is good, but some is bad. It also costs about $5 per load of laundry, which can get expensive.




DarrylDarryl Brown, Senior, Business Management: “Another thing could possibly be a snack time so people could eat later. Even if they didn’t want to cook meals late at night, they could open it up for sandwiches and cereal.”



SchwartzenSchwartzen Jarmond, Sophomore, General Studies: “I feel they should have bigger tubs. I say we invest in some tubs for people who like to sit down and relax while bathing. I’m not saying they all should have tubs, but some of the rooms should have a select few, instead of just all showers. That’s something I would really like to see.”

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