Finlandia Speaks: Favorite Thing About Dorm Life

By Roar Staff

Question: What do you like most about living in the dorms?

GunnarGunnar Stoltz, Freshman, Integrated Design: “Living next to people, and having a sense of community.”




RyanRyan Daavettila, Junior, Undeclared: “I like meeting new people.”





LilianaLiliana Lazo, Sophomore, Criminal Justice: “I like when they have activities going on, like Bingo. We all came in as a community and just have fun and distract us from what’s going on.”




RobertRobert Niemi, Junior, Business Administration: “I like that there is 24 hour access to the computer lab.”




AmandaAmanda Yoder, Senior, Illustration: “I like having a room to myself, and I like being alone compared to being with family.”

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