Finlandia Speaks: Security

By Andrea Starr

Weekends: we go out, have a good time, and when it’s all over, we come back to the dorms ready to fall into our beds, exhausted. But first, we have to get past Finlandia Hall’s security procedures. Every night, campus security locks the doors at 10 P.M. and makes rounds in the halls, or do they?

In recent weeks students have commented on the fact that the main doors have been left unlocked at times as late as four in the morning. And not to mention, the door to the security office stays closed most of the time, not allowing students to access the personnel even if we needed them. So how safe are we really in the dorms?

Question: How secure do you feel in the dorms?

JacklynJacklyn Torrisi, Freshman, Art Therapy: “It’s really easy for anyone to walk into the dorms, but that doesn’t really worry me I guess. It’s such a small community; I feel like it’s really safe. I’m not worried about anything being lost or stolen.”



IMG_1002Brittney Coleman, Junior, Liberal Studies – Sports Management: “Considering that security just sits in their office all the time and that we can’t see them, I’m not sure what they’re actually doing to protect us if something actually happened.”



SamSamantha Enright, Freshman, Art Therapy: “I think I feel pretty good about it most of the time. I haven’t had anything stolen yet. It could probably use a lot more work since the lounges have been getting broken, but in my own dorm room I feel fine.”


EmmaEmma Haaraoja, Junior, Business Marketing: “I think it’s safe. I haven’t even thought about it. There are cameras and we can lock our own doors, so it never seemed like an issue.”

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One Response to Finlandia Speaks: Security

  1. Jim Harden Reply

    February 24, 2014 at 12:41 pm


    I understand your concern, but I assure you that student safety and well-being is our utmost concern. Our office is located in Finlandia Hall for that very reason. You are correct in a few of your statements, but I would like to offer some additional information to hopefully clarify or ease your concern.

    1. Security personnel is out of the office the majority of the time from 7:30pm up until 11pm due to the securing of campus buildings. We however, are available by calling the cellphone, the number is posted on the security office door. I require staff to conduct rounds of Finlandia Hall a minimum of 3 times per 8 hour shift.
    2. One of the front door locks of Finlandia Hall has been faulty, and could not be locked for the past week or two. We are working with maintenance to get this issue rectified, and it is a priority. Staff has been closely monitoring the front entrance since this issue became known.
    3. Please do not forget that the CA staff is trained and available to assist in times of need.

    I want to take this moment to remind the resident students of Finlandia Hall to always lock room and restroom doors, and report any suspicious behavior or activity immediately. We need to work together to keep Finlandia Hall a safe and secure living community.

    Feel free to share your concerns with me.

    Jim Harden
    Director of Campus Safety & Security

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