Finlandia Speaks: Work Load

By Neal Simons, Liz Gundlach, Rachel LaMotte, and Diane Miller

Question: What’s the relationship between your work load and how much you learn?

IMG_1002Brittney Coleman, Junior, Communication: “The more work given in one day, the less I’m able to learn – I’m going to be in a rush and have to take less time to actually learn the material.”



IMG_8258Alissa Pietila, Senior, Communication: “If I have so much that I’m overwhelmed, I’m probably not digesting the information in the way that’s going to be beneficial to me in the long run. If you have a lot of work, it’s better if we get an opportunity to discuss  it in class.



20131113_123231Emily Turcotte, Sophomore, PTA: “I prefer homework, because it makes me think more than a lecture. The more work load I have, the more I learn.”




IMG_0123[1]Kelsey Monette, Junior, Psychology: “The work outside of class definitely helps, because it gives me time to think about the topic on my own and think through it more than taking whatever the professor says and writing down and forgetting about it. I actually have to learn it.”



jessiJessi Wuori, Freshman, Undecided: “There has to be a balance for homework to be helpful. If there is too much, it causes stress and less learning.”



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