New Year, New Roar

By Rachel LaMotte, Editor

Sonny the Lionhearted

A new school year is underway here at Finlandia, and with that we have new staff, more posts, and more ways to communicate with you guys, the readers!

I’m excited for this semester, because we have a lot of dedicated writers, some of which have never written for us before.

We also have been working on some renovations on the website that you may or may not have noticed. This includes creating a new category just for Finlandia Speaks, which was formerly known as Person-on-the-Street.

There is also a new category for Faculty Profiles. We hope to have a lot of new profiles of our faculty/staff members in hopes that students and other community members can get to know who’s who on campus.

Another new category is the addition of Editor’s Notes, so you can easily find updates from me, the Editor!

There has also been a new Facebook page and twitter account created, in hopes of better ways for you to stay updated on everything happening here at the Roar. We will be posting new stories, asking for feedback, and taking input on story ideas.

We also have a new face for our mascot, Sonny the Lionhearted. He is not just going to be the face of the Roar, he is also going to be a correspondent for a few different types of articles, so be sure to watch out for our furry friend!

You may notice there’s another Finlandia Roar Facebook page, which was the old one that we are no longer going to be using. So if you are following that one, be sure to like our new one at:

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter! @FinlandiaRoar or go to

I’m excited for the students and community’s participation to make this the best semester the Roar has ever seen. We still have a few stories lined up for the week, so be sure to check back often!

If you have any other questions, story ideas, or comments, feel free to contact me at

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