What’s Up With Those Monitors?

By Sonny the Lionhearted

SonnyHave you seen those monitors that are all around campus? I’m glad they always have upcoming events and other advertisements, but what’s up with those distracting scrolling things across the screen?

I try to read what’s in the center of the screen, but then I try to read what’s scrolling by so I don’t miss anything, and then the picture changes before I’m done reading! And if I do get to read everything, I see it all again in the same order on the other monitors I come across! I don’t know how often the content changes, so I don’t bother to stop and look everytime I see one.

I think that there should only be one scrolling bar, so I won’t get distracted and can read all of it! I also think that there should be a date and time in the corner that tells me when it was last updated and that each item should be up longer!

That way I wouldn’t have to stand there and wait for the cycle to repeat to finish reading one of the items, and I wouldn’t have to stand through the whole cycle to see and find out there weren’t new ones. It would give me more time to nap and write!

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One Response to What’s Up With Those Monitors?

  1. Dr. Diane Miller Reply

    February 23, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Dear Sonny,

    Have you noticed that the monitors are much easier to read now? I’m really beginning to appreciate them.

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