Where’s Karen?

By Sonny the Lionhearted

SonnyKarin, the one with the “i” in her name, who is she? She keeps emailing me. What happened to Karen, the one with the “e” in her name? She was a nice human. Every time my friends needed a photo, or some information about the university, she was always there to help.

This new Karin seems like a nice human, too, but no one has told us what happened to our original Karen. She’s not the first Finlandia employee to just disappear.

People do come and go all the time; and students are smart humans, able to eventually figure out that the Executive Director of Communications and Marketing, for example, is gone. But wouldn’t it cause less confusion to formally communicate important personnel changes to students?

p.s. We have five Vice Presidents now?

p.p.s. Where is my litter box?

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One Response to Where’s Karen?

  1. Philip Johnson Reply

    October 28, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Dear Sonny,

    Thanks for suggesting improved communication with students regarding campus leadership changes. Your timing is good. I will be meeting with my executive team next Monday. We will discuss. Look for a post sometime next week. I’ll share with you our thoughts on how to do this better.

    I am grateful for your positive words toward Karen and Karin.

    Karen Johnson resigned on October 18th. Her resignation is a loss for Finlandia.

    Karin VanDyke serves as VP for University Relations.

    Yes, we have 5 VPs:

    VP for Advancement (fundraising)
    VP for Academic Affairs
    VP for Business and Finance
    VP for Enrollment Management
    VP for University Relations

    I hope this helps.


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