Meet the Staff


Rachel LaMotte, Editor

Rachel is a Senior Liberal Studies Major with concentrations in Communication, Psychology, and Sociology. She has lived in Hancock, MI her whole life, and graduated from Hancock Central High School. Rachel hopes to one day get her Ph.D in Interpersonal Communication and bring back The Lawrence Welk Show. In her free time, Rachel likes to read comic books, kayak, and play with her two cats, Sonny & Cher.

Sonny the LionheartedSonny the Lionhearted, Mascot and Roar Consultant

Sonny is from Hancock, MI. He likes playing and running around with his girlfriend, Cher. He is a very energetic two year old who loves to go outside walking on his leash. Some of his favorite activities are watching birds, chasing bugs, making spider friends, watching Cher, and helping her try to catch chipmunks.