Act Outside the Box

By Ashley Benavidez

“What would you do if they banned all guns and there were a government takeover?”

“I don’t trust the government. We’re screwed either way.”

I admit it’s entertaining to hear the many plans of doomsday from my peers, but I’ve never been able to find any true legitimacy to their outrageous ideas. If these are their true feelings and they really do believe our government is not to be trusted, why not do something?

A Zombie Apocalypse and a sudden environmental shift shown in some apocalyptic Hollywood movie are highly unlikely catastrophic events, but it’s still what produces the most contemplative conversation. You seriously begin to consider, “what if something like that really happened?” But, newsflash! Things like the military action against Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, proposed by President Obama to Congress are very real and they are happening right now.

While our country is on the verge of a potential war involving chemical weapons, Miley Cyrus’ Video Music Award is serving as the latest distraction. With one performance, she became the talk of Twitter, Facebook, class rooms, coffee shops, morning radio shows, etc. How could an event so trivial to the well-being of our human existence become so viral that even our notoriously off-the-grid, Professor Diane Miller came to know exactly who Miley Cyrus was?

I’m sure many people would agree the MTV Video Music Awards is more entertaining than the evening news, but that’s an excuse to misplace our attention from things that truly matter because if we found ourselves caring, we might actually have to do something about it. Even if it’s just to be empathetic of the other human beings in this world who have families, homes and lives just like you do, who are facing far worse matters than a “sketchy” government, like innocent citizens of Syria, living in fear of the military decisions our President and Congress have yet to make.

If you don’t believe something is right, question it. Don’t deem yourself hopeless, instead make an effort to find a solution. The news isn’t always accurate, so take it upon yourself to seek other sources of valuable information such as TED Talks and the New York Times. Have a higher standard for what you consider to be “reliable” information; Youtube Channels and Tumblr Bloggers aren’t always what you want to invest your trust in. Most importantly, have the confidence to not follow the trend of misplacing your attention on nonsense that ultimately confines you to a box. Instead, insist on being knowledgeable about the topics that conclusively have an effect on us through proactive engagement in relevant and reliable media. It’s a whole new world out there.

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One Response to Act Outside the Box

  1. Suzanne Van Dam Reply

    October 24, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    Wow–excellent op-ed piece here. So glad to see the writers on the Roar staff engaged in issues of international importance and social justice. I’m even more encouraged that you’re encouraging your peers to sit up and take notice, too.

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