“Direct your comments here…”

By Ashley Benavidez

AshleyAs I scroll through my newsfeed on Facebook or my Twitter timeline, I come across a diverse array of rants, announcements and just plain nonsense. I often find myself asking, “What are they thinking when they post stuff like this to an audience who more than likely doesn’t care?” Perhaps even more entertaining than that is the fiery passion some individuals put forth in their rants, especially ones about our national government.

Why not take that heat of passion and direct it to a more purposeful audience? Why not write to your State Representative or Senator or even President Obama and exercise your 1st amendment right to freely express exactly how you feel about them to them?

If you believe something needs to be changed, say so to the individuals who have the power to make those changes, whether you believe it will work or not is beyond the point. The point is – if you’re going to talk, talk to an ear whose responsibility is to listen.


Find and contact your local State Representative here:

Find and contact your State Senators here:

Contact the White House here:

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