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I’ve talked about rumors before, but there seems to be a big one flying around campus recently.  The word on the street is that enrollment is down at Finlandia University, which may cause an unsettling feeling for the students still enrolled in classes.  Not only did some of us lose friends at the end of the fall semester, but Finlandia lost paying students.  There are a variety of reasons why students may have left at semester, such as graduation, transferring out, or simply deciding college wasn’t the right life decision, but there is one reason I continue to hear over and over again: boredom.

The area in which Finlandia is located is unique and wonderful in its own specific ways.  It’s not an urban university in the least, but if you like exploring the outdoors, there should never be a lack of interesting activities at hand.

Michael Baily, Dean of Student Affairs, told me that he sends out surveys via student email in order to gain a better grasp of what activities we want to see happen on or around campus; however he does not receive enough responses to gather conclusive sample statistics many times.  As Dean of Student Affairs, Baily also frequently hears the student complaints of boredom, but when he asks students what they would like to do, he says the answer is almost always the same: “I don’t know.”

See how that could be frustrating?

It seems to me the reasons are many when pinpointing a cause for the drop in enrollment.  Finlandia is a small university and it caters to a certain type of student, one who enjoys the outdoors and has a high tolerance for the winter conditions.  The Finlandia staff is student-oriented and will do whatever it takes to ride out this downward trend; however, this issue is a two-way street.  Remember that Finlandia is here for us the students.  If you have suggestions and/or concerns regarding campus life, contact Michael Baily or Leann Fogle, Coordinator of Residential Life.  If there is a particular attraction you hope to see come to our campus, speak up!  This is our university and it should reflect us as a student body.

If no one ever speaks, nothing ever changes.

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