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By Ashley BenavidezROAR - Ashley Benavidez Head Shot

It’s been just over a month since Sandy Hook. Following the shooting deaths of twenty-six people (six adults, twenty children) at an elementary school, gun control has resurfaced as the latest and hottest debate in congress, personal conversations and social networks alike.

Gun sales have shot through the roof, seemingly because of the “get ‘em while you can” impression that clingers to the 2nd amendment have imbedded in the fearful hearts of many Americans. Gun enthusiasts are actively voicing their distaste for any form of gun control by the federal government, and have vowed to do everything they can to stop it.

Meanwhile, claims of conspiracy theories are especially troubling; such as a video that went viral, its content including thirty minutes of false evidence claiming that Sandy Hook was orchestrated and executed by the government, with the intent to disarm America and seize total control. Despite the numerous flaws in the footage, people are actually buying into this nonsense! What is even more troubling is the fact that gun-owners are acting as the victims in this whole calamity.

Harold W. Schroeder, a man who has devoted himself to protecting gun rights in New York State, is quoted as saying, in the New York Times, “What’s so frustrating is the people who are here obeying the law are the ones who pay all the prices when these crazy things happen.”

No. The ones who “pay the price” are the ones who’ve paid the ultimate price—the life of a loved one, often their own child.

The friends and families of all those innocent people, who were murdered in cold blood, in the Sandy Hook tragedy and every other recent occurrence of a madman shooting can’t figure out why stricter gun laws are even being argued about. These people are the real victims in the situation, and it’s deeply unsettling to consider the answer to the question, “How many lives will be lost before people value human life more than a machine capable of taking it?”

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