Please, Don’t be Late

By Rachel LaMotte

RachelIt’s been 20+ minutes since class started, and now you decide to show up? Why even bother coming if you’re just going to distract the rest of the students who came to class on time?

It would be okay if you were five or even ten minutes late, because then the discussion or lecture would just be getting started, but after that I start missing important information if you walk in.

I understand that you may have slept through your alarm, which I am also guilty of this semester, or you lost track of the time, or you have a commitment that overlaps part of the class and the professor knows about it, but if it’s been over 20 minutes, please don’t disrupt the whole class.

Also, I think it’s okay if you show up late once or twice a semester, but when it starts happening every class period, or during a test, it starts getting really rude.

What’s the point of coming in late every day when you will be missing half of the information that’s given and will be on the exam? There might’ve been something said or brought up that wasn’t given to us in a different way (ecollege, email, syllabus), and now you’ve missed it.

The day you showed up 40 minutes late to the test was even worse, because when that happened, I was in the middle of figuring out the answer when you walked in and I lost my train of thought. It took a few more minutes for me to even get back to where I was, which added more stress than what the test had already caused.

Not to mention that you had less time to work on the exam, which you might not even be able to finish.

If you set your alarm early enough, or you set multiple (I use eight) alarms, you will be able to get the most out of your time here and you won’t have to worry about not passing a class, and you won’t interfere with everybody else’s education.

Please be mindful of your fellow students and make it to class on time. It would not only benefit your learning experience, but the rest of the class’s as well.

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One Response to Please, Don’t be Late

  1. Jean Pemberton Reply

    April 20, 2014 at 10:53 pm

    Good article, Rachel. I’m also thinking about the money wasted to pay to take the class, then miss so much of it. I’d say his or her parents would not be happy about this, if they knew about it.

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