Alison Regal, Strength and Conditioning Coach

By Skylar Harding

AlisonAlison Regal is Finlandia’s strength and conditioning coach, as well as the academic advisor. She is in charge of making sure 150 student athletes are not only succeeding on the field, but also in the classrooms. “I am here to train both the body and the minds of Finlandia’s athletes,” says Alison.

I sat down with Alison and she described her thoughts on a few important topics.

On relationships:

“I need to begin building relationships with athletes so they will trust me and trust what I am doing and trying to teach them. Through the year I feel we have made great progress with this transition. We have gone from just getting in the weight room to now students are seeing the benefits. Which means now that the athletes are beginning to trust me, we can begin making goals and striving to create a more successful environment. I have created a lot of great relationships with coaches, players, and coworkers. And that’s what makes me love coming to work each day.”

On being young:

“I am young so I feel like the kids are comfortable around me. They can talk to me and relate to me, especially the hockey team where a lot of the guys are 23, 24, 25-years old. To be honest, I was scared to start here and work with those guys because I knew we were going to be so close in age, but there has been so much mutual respect between us it been great.”

Working with students:

“I love coming in when the teams have high energy and really act like they want to be there. It’s obvious when people are only going through the motions. This bothers me because I care too much. I take things personally. It makes me ask myself what am I doing wrong? And I really take it upon myself that I am able to get through to those kids and get them on the same page. What I really enjoy the most while working with students is being able to watch kids transform and succeed. For example, there was one kid that really struggled both academically and athletically first semester, but this semester he is doing great. He is in the gym almost every day and his grades are phenomenal. It makes me so proud and it is so inspiring to see stories like his.”

Last word:

“I think I have made great fit. That I am able to balance strength and conditioning as well as holding students to a higher level not only in the gym but also in the classroom.”

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  1. Kevin Darden Reply

    February 3, 2015 at 12:13 am

    Skylar Harding really care about the people that she works with. And she will not give up on you at last you give. I Kevin Darden really like her as my conditioning coach she just a good person to work with if you are in need of strength.

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