Finlandia Aims to Conquer

by Jessica Ingold

Balls have been flying and tossing every which way since the last week of August. As the Fall-season Finlandia athletics teams kick start their seasons, the volleyball team seems to be off to a good start. On Wednesday September 1, they won 3 -1 against a tough Gogebic Community College team. They played a total of 4 sets with Finlandia winning the first two, GCC the second and finally Finlandia with the fourth. Following that game the team went to the St. Norbert College Tournament in De Pere Wisconsin on the 3rd and 4th to play Northland College (Wis.), St. Norbert College, Aurora University, and Marian University. They lost against Northland 3-1, St. Norbert 3-1, Aurora 3-0, and Marian 3-1.

Given these games, new freshmen team member Laura Sponhauer has this to say about the upcoming season given the previous games, “I think we are a hard working team and we are ready for any challenge.” The women of the Finlandia volleyball team practice hard and play hard. It will be invigorating to see how they come out on top.

The Finlandia cross country team finished in fourth place at their season-opener Friday September 3rd, 2010 at the Michigan Tech trails. Finlandia Women’s cross country team member Kendra Benson led the Lions finishing in 20th place with a time of 22:36. Following her seconds later was Michelle woods, who came in 23rd place with a time of 22:38. Men’s Finlandia cross country member Eric Monticello led his team by finishing in 19th place with a time of 19:50. In 21st place John Millman finished with a time of 20:20. The cross country teams work hard every season and this year promises some amazing runners. Finlandia should definitely be on the lookout for this team throughout the season.

Finlandia Men’s and women’s soccer teams played Northland College on September 1. The men’s team played a tough game with many hard tackles and blocks made by both teams. They were excited when Justin Cayce scored the first goal of the game in favor of the Lions. By the end of the game, however, Northland had made a goal, tying the game, and Northland scored shortly into the OT period, ending the game with a 2-1 loss for the lions. The guy’s soccer team has a bunch of new players this year and with upheld optimism and consistent effort, they’ll be in for a great season.
Finlandia’s women had a tough struggle the whole game because they only started off with 9 players on the field as opposed to a full 11. Due to a red card during the second half, the remaining 8 girls on the field had an even harder struggle to stand strong.

However, throughout the entire second half the ladies only gave up 4 goals, ending the game the with a 4-0 loss. On the 3rd the women traveled to Milwaukee to play Mt. Mary College and Rockford college at the Mt. Mary Invitational that took place on the 4th and 5th. The Lions lost on the 4th 1-0 against Mt. Mary, and tied 1-1 on the 5th against Rockford. The girls are participating in a building year for the team, and have definite hopes to greatly improve.

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4 Responses to Finlandia Aims to Conquer

  1. fscheer Reply

    September 20, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    We need to have bigger turn outs at the soccer games when at home. It really helps the team to know the school is behind them and cheering for a win. We want strong sports teams and a good fan base is a key part of that.

  2. Jill Marie Codere Reply

    September 22, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    I couldn’t agree more!! We need to get better at advertising the schedule for all sporting events! Fans really can make a difference!!
    Thank you for your valid point!!

  3. Alex Greenleaf Reply

    September 27, 2010 at 10:41 am

    A good read. Glad to see our sports teams are doing great this year. If I knew when exactly when these events were taking place, I’d attend one, so I agree with the above statement: better advertsing the schedule for the events!

  4. Mikko Malminen Reply

    September 30, 2010 at 11:31 am

    It is true that audience helps the team to play better. But fact is that we are not that good! We dont have soccer players, we have athletes who try to learn how to play soccer (Including me.) It’s is bretty embarrasing to lost game 0-9 if the whole school is watching. Men’s soccer team will be a lot better next year, because we train hard and everybody is giving 110 percent in practices, but we just dont have the skills yet. What I’m trying to say that everyone ofcourse are welcome to support our team, but dont laugh to us if we loose game ten to nothing, because we really are trying and we gave everything we have, but we just dont have that good soccer skills yet!

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