Who will Win the 2012 Super Bowl?

By Justin Reilley

“I think that the Giants will beat the Patriots 27-24. The Patriots will come out hot and get out to a 21-6 lead, then they will fizzle out under the pressure of the Giants defensive line. The Giants will score all three touchdowns in the second half behind Eli Manning who will receive the games MVP award.” -Nic Hendrickson-Junior

“ The Patriots, because they were the best team in the NFL this year”-Dominic Morrow-Sophomore

“The Giants will win. They have a good defense and offense, unlike the other remaining teams that only have one or the other”-Matt Strong-Sophomore

“New England will win the super bowl. They are extremely well coached, and are very well prepared like they need to be”-Nicole Parker-Freshman

“Patriots will win. They are too tough at Gillette stadium, and Tom terrific is the man.”-Jordan Rasner-Sophomore

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