Music Review: Night Birds

by Jake Hubbard

Clocking in at just one second over eight minutes, Night Birds takes the listener on a blistering ride of dirty surf-tinged punk rock on their self-titled EP. Listening to the record, I felt like I was in a dirty basement with poor lighting, being moshed about with sweaty friends. The album art itself sets the mood for the EP: it’s white with the band name printed in black on the front and the track listing printed on the back. Straight and to the point, much like Night Birds. On an interesting side note, Joey Erg of The Ergs! plays bass for Night Birds.
For fans of Operation Ivy, Nekromantix, Misfits, Bad Brains, The Flatliners, and Dead Kennedeys.
Label: Grave Mistake Records/Punk Rock Dirtnap.
Track Listing:
Side A: “Prognosis: Negative,” “Thrilling Murder,” “Unanswerable.”
Side B: “The Gift Givers,” “Harbor Rats.”

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